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Calliope Tsoupaki

Calliope Tsoupaki

Calliope Tsoupaki (Piraeus, Greece, 1963) makes music that has a mood of timelessness. Her objective is expressing the essence as simply and clearly as possible. In her compositions she uses elements of early and contemporary music as well as the music of Greece and the Middle East. Combining these aspects, she skillfully creates a completely personal style.

Her music is praised for its melodic character, warm sound and emotional quality. To date her oeuvre consists of more than 100 works for diverse instrumentation and instruments from different cultures (qaunun, ney, kemençe, hurdy gurdy, vielle, viola da gamba), from solo to orchestral works, choral music, dance, theatre, opera and multisensory projects.

◆ 2019 Composer in residence November Music
◆ 2018-2020 Composer Laureate of the Netherlands
◆ Holland Festival in 2018, 2015, 2014, 2010 and 2008
◆ 2006, 2015 Jurymember International Gaudeamus Music Week
◆ 2001 Composer in residence Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam
◆ 1998 Composer in residence IEMA Centre Contemporary Music Athens
◆ 1997 Nomination NPS Cultural Prize
◆ 1996 Sappho’s tears nomination International Rostrum of Composers (UNESCO)

She has developed into one of the defining composers of Dutch musical life, collaborating with, among others, Eric Vloeimans, Pierre Audi, Paul Koek, Jordi Savall, Kees Boeke, Frances-Marie Uitti and ensembles including the Metropole Orchestra, Netherlands Bach Society, Ensemble Tetraktys, Neue Vocalisten Stuttgart, Asko|Schönberg Ensemble, Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, Ergon Ensemble and Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble.

Overwhelming successes include her operas Fortress Europe and Mariken in the Garden of Delights (nomination Matthijs Vermeulen Prize 2017), St. Luke Passion, song cycle Face of Love for singer Nena Venetsanou, oratorio Oidipous (nomination Matthijs Vermeulen Prize 2014), Narcissus (a play for music and scent), Maria for the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, the chamber operas Dark (about Joan of Arc, libretto Edzard Mik), Vita Nova (based on Dante’s book of the same title) and the string quartet Triptychon for the DoelenKwartet. In 2018 her piece ‘Salto di Saffo‘ for recorder, panpipes and orchestra was premiered in the Concertgebouw.

Calliope Tsoupaki’s music is published by Donemus and is performed at contemporary music festivals (Holland Festival, Focus Festival NY, November Music, Gaudeamus), in major concert halls including Carnegie Hall and the Alice Tully Hall in New York, Megaron in Athens, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam and is available on CD.

Picture: Michiel van Nieuwkerk

<Trailer ‘Salto di Saffo’, Erik Bosgraaf & Matthijs Koene, Radio Filharmonisch Orkest o.l.v. Markus Stenz>