Blom Music Management

About us

My name is Rienk Blom

Before working as a manager I studied organ, singing and church music at HKU University of the Arts. After my study I worked as a host for the Dutch classical radio. Our morning show was very succesful. After 7 years I decided to leave the radio world and to focus on my music management company.

Since 2017 I started my company. During the corona crisis there was enough time to think about my plans. I decided to focus entirely on composers. My interest for new music started already when I was a boy. New music has always fascinated me, ever since I was young. As a teenager, I listened to Messiaen, Ligeti and others.

How would I put my value in a nutshell? I help composers who want to sell their work by taking over the risk of rejection and by increasing their status and income.

How do I do that? My main tasks are:

  • Fine-tuning and advising on the direction to take.
  • Networking
  • Promotion
  • Sales
  • Contract management
  • Negotiating

My approach is calm, controlled, thoughtful and professional. Customer intimacy is my hallmark.

Are you a composer and write for orchestras/ensembles/opera? I’m open to talking about it.