Blom Music Management

About us

Before working as a manager I studied organ, singing and church music at HKU University of the Arts. After my study I worked as a host for the Dutch classical radio. Our morning show was very succesful. After 7 years I decided to leave the radio world and to focus on my music management company.

Since 2017 I started my own company. During the corona crisis there was enough time to think about my plans. I decided to focus entirely on composers. My interest for new music started when I was a boy. I loved listening to Messiaen and other twentieth century composers. I never stopped doing that. I am still very curious to listen to new music.

My approach is a personal one. I always take time to listen to the composers and their plans and dreams. I map out their and my network and we check wether there could be interesting matches. We will not wait till commissions come to us, I am a very active manager. I am networking every day and extending my network bit by bit.

I know a lot about funding, about arranging commissions, about career planning. My network stretches from Scandinavia to Portugal. I know many contemporary music groups and ensembles.